Here are just a few things parents of Kanga Kidz have been saying about us:


Many thanks to Nadia & the Kanga Kidz team. Prior to joining Kanga Kidz my 4yr old son was struggling with gross motor skills and social development. We initially came just for the holiday program but by the end of the week we were seeing huge changes in our son’s behaviour and he was asking when he could go back! In just 4 days he had gone from a clumsy, introverted child to a confident little boy participating in all the activities and interacting with the other kids. Even his teachers at pre-school have commented on his improvement. Your program is perfectly suited to this age group and you do an amazing job keeping all those kids under control! Keep up the good work!


Nardia, Just wanting to let you know that Blake had a great time at your Kanga Kidz sports program these past two days….he is still talking about what he got to do and how he did it. Thankyou


Thankyou to Nardia for a wonderful week at Kanga Kidz. Sam had a fantastic time & is so proud of his hat. See you again next holidays xo


Hi Nardia, we just wanted to let you know that Logan and Drew and their 13 friends had a great Kanga kidz birthday party on Saturday. A big thank you to Jarran and Dylan who did a fantastic job. We had alot of comments from the parents on how great your program is.   Thank you again.  
The Staff of Nana Glen Pre-School congratulate Nardia Pade on her Kanga Kidz Multi Sports Program                                                                            

Coming into unfamiliar surroundings Nardia captured the interest of the children immediately.  The program covered a wide range of sports featuring skills acquisition and team games. Nardia separated the children into small groups and always remained enthusiastic from beginning to end, giving the last group participating in the final activity the same attention and enthusiam as she did the first.

Our staff members were impressed with Nardia’s professionalism. She was always punctual and well presented. She has plentiful first-class equipment and a varied and thoughtful program. We noted Nardia was able to structure a challenging program that allowed all our children (ages ranging from three to five years) to participate successfully whilst extending them.

We were also impressed with Nardia’s teaching techniques.  She gave the children clear and brief instructions to skills and was encouraging as she analysed their performance and made necessary corrections.

The children were excited to see Nardia each week and always remained enthusiastic throughout their session.

Lisa Ralson – Director                                      Barbara Wilbers – Child Educator



I took my 5 year old son to try out Kanga Kidz last Thursday and I was mighty impressed! Best of all Mason LOVES it and can’t wait to go back.

This was his first week (he missed the first week because he was sick) and the kids did a range of activities for 45 minutes that were varied and kept them interested and enthusiastic.

Two thumbs up to Jaala who handled 5 boys and kept them listening and well under control! This week they did things like warm up games, then practised some hockey and shotput. All the equipment is modified and is age-appropriate.

Classes run 6 days a week through the school terms (they also have school holiday programs) and introduces children to 9 different sports over the course of the term such as: T-ball, soccer, tennis, athletics, cricket, basketball, football and golf.

Kanga Kidz  is a mutli sports program aimed at 2 1/2 to 5 year olds, the classes are small (maximum 6 kids) and the kids are placed in groups depending on age and ability.

Mason not only had loads of fun  but learning these sorts of sports when they are young is great for gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, body awareness and most importantly, listening skills. And coming from genes that are slightly un-coordinated I figure my kids need all the help they can get!

By Alison Paul www.coffsforkids.com

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